IR35 what’s happening

One month on and IR35 changes have taken effect, what have we learnt?  Well, the world still turns, and transport doesn’t stop! It’s fair to say that the changes have impacted some agencies/companies more than others, but the overall result is that there is a national shortage of drivers.

At Velocity we planned for 2 years to prepare for the introduction of IR35 and provided our clients with forms and advice to get the system right, as a result we lost no drivers because of the change.  Others however did not, and the availability of drivers has diminished drastically. 

This has been worsened by both the pandemic and Brexit, with drivers from the EU leaving to be with families and not returning.  This isn’t just a North East issue. As we contact agencies all over the country on behalf of our Patching company, I get first-hand accounts of how the changes have affected the whole country.  Over reliance on umbrella and LTD company drivers have hit hard with drivers wanting to stay on the same rates and clients refusing to pay more.

What Now

So, what is the solution for IR35? Do the Government need to step in and provide training packages or does the industry need to step up and invest in the future?  I think the answer lies somewhere in between.  One thing is certain we do need to act and help both drivers and companies come to terms with the new reality that is IR35.

Our Perspective

Velocity is working with both drivers and companies to ensure under IR35 we can keep the wheels turning, our training dept, is in full swing to ensure drivers can renew DCPC and the recruitment team are advertising and interviewing using the best platforms available.  As well as recruiting for our clients we have also increased the number of driver and vehicle hire we have put out on the road!

The Short term may be hard, but the preparation for IR35 and hard work is paying , for what looks to be a very eventful year ahead.

Here for you

If you are a driver or a company struggling with IR35 please feel free to contact one of our team and see how we can help. If you would like to register for work please click on the link below

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